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If you do not like the heart of the music publishing business, it may be useful to think about giving your management the right to a publisher whose main activity.
Music WTPL start providing this service. The level of expertise, equipment, softwares and experience allow us to be a perfect partner to assist you in managing your copyright.

Here is a list of services offered, knowing that we create a mandate tailored to the existing catalog or not, the size of the company and the level of development :

– Establishment of all contracts with the Authors, Composers, Arrangers and where appropriate with any third party or company (co-editor, sub-editors …)

– Establishment of scores, and score sheets of stamps required to deposit works

– Formalities and filing work at the SACEM-SDRM

– Accounting specific to the operation of the catalog publishing

– Control of works and broadcasts, in general, all formalities relating to copyright and relations with SACEM, SDRM

– If necessary, production demand, the production of printed formats for sale

To achieve this mission, we propose a general audit of the existing catalog against a fixed fee and signed a retainer against a percentage of turnover.

Other Related Services can be added:

– Search for sub-publishing abroad

– Verification of documentation in the Foreign SPRD

– Placement works with users (audiovisual, multimedia, performers …)

Our Main Customers



Pierre Bensusan company, with all the catalog of works by Pierre Bensusan.

Pierre Bensusan

Les éditions Mogador


Trademark of Virgule, a subsidiary of Lyria Group (Abeille Musique), the catalog consists of the label works Jazz Bee

Bee Jazz

Up To Ten





Company developing the website of the same name, which produced the cartoon « Boowa & Kwala » contains 70 musical works and published in over 40 countries.

Up To Ten

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