Oryane Wilson

Bio :

It is in a city of neighborhoods north of the city of Marseille qu’Oryane Wilson grew up in the early 80’s.

As a generation hip-hop movement takes hold of him very quickly and governs his days. Thanks to his talents as a dancer, Oryane is quickly noticed. The ‘battle’ in which it participates allow him to make a name in his neighborhood.

Very comfortable in dance, Oryane then starts at the top to become a showman and being able to combine singing and dancing.
Ambitious in nature, Oryane Wilson knows what he wants and give it the means.
He then rushes on singing lessons for several hours a week to make music his daily life.

In June 2000 qu’Oryane finally rubs the professional world. He was selected from hundreds of local artists to share the stage with Lord Kossity. This service will open doors for many scenes more and more important. He will share the bill with Organy’z, Nadiya, Poets, Kareen, and make the first parts of Doc Gyneco, Rohff, Sniper, Willy Denzey, Tragedy, Shy’m ….

So logically qu’Oryane book Do not Stop 2008, its first single. As a 100% dancefloor produced by Mounir Belkhir, the composer and producer of the moment (Melissa M, Alliance Ethnik, Nubians, China).

Discography :

2009 : Don’ Stop – Oryane Wilson (Polydor/Universal)

2010 : I Love You – Oryane Wilson (Booster)

2011 : 2Nite is your night – Oryane (Booster/Happy Music)

Compil Summer 2011 : M6 Hits Été, Tubes Été 2011, Dancefloor Summer 2011 Connection, Tubes rentrée 2011

Videography :

I Love You – VideoClip – 2009

Link :


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