Music Synchronization

Synchronization is a combination of original music and images derived from music use.

Music is a source of value creationIt surrounds ustakes up little space in our lives. Music is so much a part of our daily lives, it is so close to usit has an essential role in all audiovisual productions.

The films need music to accentuate the emotions. Advertising, brands, TV, radio, music need to retain and sell their product. The films tell stories. The music becomes the mark every time.

In WTPL Musicwe are attentive to the needs of professionals.

For over 20 years, we build our catalog thanks to the talent of our artists. Thanks to the diversity of our projects, we covera wide musical spectrum of contemporary musicThe close relationship we have with most of our composers we can also offer custom creations in all styles.

The experience we have gained worldwide by placing the works entrusted to uswe were able to streamline reporting and respond quickly to all the briefsIn addition to being editor of music, we sometimes producer or manager masters rights.Proximity to our authors / composers and producer allows us to facilitate the decision-making chainIn Anglo-Saxoncountries is called « One Stop »Ie one contact to negotiate and synchronize music rights.

If you are also interested in the music library, do not hesitate to contact our subsidiary in the fieldRegain Advance Edition

Synchronize our music!

We are here to assist you in your project

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