Mahele a sacred character, a mature talent and taste for things well done.

That’s how you could paint a portrait of Helen Malnoury, alias Mahelle already a little girl, she loves music, dance, poetry, short, art in all its forms. As a teenager, first solo scene, first impressions, singing…

For 3 or 4 years, she participated in singing competitions, parties, the festival of the JMF Cirque d’Hiver in Paris, we rode, we rode… and we feel it especially itchy to go a little further… She came to Paris… It is part of the promotion of Studios 2000-2001 Alice Dona… Course vocal technique, stage, music theory, expression, concerts every month at Club Med World Paris.

The years pass, and Helen is looking great. It has stuff in it but it has to so she began to write, something she has long but it’s well hidden in a drawer… and then during the first author with Claude Lesmesle…

In 2002, she also feels a bit, mostly want to meet real…. She heard about the « Rencontres d’Astaffort »… who have been critical for her. These courses led by Francis Cabrel creation in the region of Agen in France. Ten days of intensive work, background music and friendships shared. At the closing ceremony, she will sing the first part of Axel Bauer.

In her bag on her return to Paris, she returns with beautiful compositions dealing with everyday life and current events. Stage presence speaks volumes about what she « saw » through music and lyrics. It binds with artistically Raeven Olivier, a young Belgian artist, guitarist… The songs began to emerge.

In 2003, « Astaffort » takes his students to Paris, which Mahele part they play in the leather goods in the first part of Jamait. Around her, a team of three musicians who already have several years of Director: Marc De Martelaer (bass) ‘Improv Session « , » fire extinguishers « …Olivier Raeven (composition, second voice – guitar) » Group Ravenna « Pascal Gilmont (drums) « Group Ravenna » In short, a quartet that fishing… They enslave the concert version acoustic version of « electro dynamic » … coffee concerts in Parisian theaters, among others, the salty kiss, famous jazz clubs, the Orient Express, the unexpected, the Palace Bar, Charleville-Mezieres ( f), Verdun (f), Brussels, word of mouth, Fulmar Barge, Atelier de la Dolce Vita, the small round hat red, K. Fee in Mons and also add that Mahelle was selected July 2004 at the Francofolies de Spa, where she gave a brilliant performance.

But she has not said its last word … plunged back into writing, fed Travel and new experiences, she is back in charge of colors, soft energy, surrounded by two guitars, Olivier Raeven, musicologist of his words Fabrice Sautereau and in perfect accompanist and vocal coach… The color of the songs has been refined over time … a more festive texts gently, poetry, smiles and 100 per 100 … Mahelle unpretentious pleasure to find the public and scene… His best source of energy.

In March 2006, it will be part of the festival program in March in song, drama pocket Charleroi. To celebrate the Festival of Gerpinnes Rock, a large feast is organized to William Dunker, Mahele guests will be part of a slum… Nougaro colorful duet that night… Romanens Thierry, Jean-Louis Daulne, Julos Beaucarne, Perry Rose and many others were part of the show !!! After a notice to the quarterfinals for the Biennale of French song Mahelle is found July 21 on the stage Fnac Francofolies de Spa, where she will get the price of the collective « it’s not hard to balance cork. » Summer 2006, she shared the stage floor of Divan du Monde (Paris 18) with Marjoram and Rrose Trace. From 6 to 10 November 2006, is one of the sites Mahelle Francos in Spa … working with Philippe Albaret, Julia peleaz, Denis Gerardy among other … show at the theater box to the casino spa. On November 23 Mahelle play in Charleroi (B) the echoes of Chavannes in the concept Chant ‘apart … The Dec. 16 at the Cultural Center of Chenée (B), as part of the evening « Santa Claus is a stage animal « with a guest Marka, Mahele play on the acoustic stage Mahelle Beginning in January 2007 in the studio…

January 15, 2007, in Reims recording of the show « all the music » by Lio and Raul Paz, chief guest… Mahele represented the region… Lorraine broadcast on 8 March 2007 at 23 h30 region on France 3 on February 5, semi-final of the Grand Prize Claude Lesmesle at Sentier des Halles (P)… Mahelle is part of the final June 11 at the theater door St Martin in Paris …

In late 2009, signing at WTPL Music. Writing and composition of new songs register in Tours, in the studio of David Perraudin at the end of 2010.

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2010 : Démo

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