Les Belles Lurettes


In 1994, Mathilde Braure (singing, accordion) suggests in Martine Delannoy (singing) creating the group  » Les Belles Lurettes  » on the occasion of artists’ residence. A story of friendship which was increased by a history artistic as we can have it only once by life. Comediennes, both women, share the story of the heritage and the oral transmission. Every album is the opportunity to tell the fruit of these meetings. Mix the voices, mix the words, relieve the troubles with knocks of bellows of accordion and amusettes waltzes.

The first album, very sober (Singings, counterpoints, accordion) is the first postcard of the duet.

 » Mais ça va où  » Is written within the framework of a work on the memory in the mineral field. The title  » Femmes de mineurs  » interpreted by two singers is one of the symbolic titles of the album. It is also the opportunity to begin the work with WTPL Music for the publishing, the turner Whirlwind for concerts and label Boucherie Production for the marketing and the promotion.

« Autrement » is going to be produced with a group and instruments additional as a guitar, a double bass and the drum kit. The group will occur successfully in Francofolies of La Rochelle, in the Festival of Avignon, and even in Germany and Spain.

Moving or funny, texts remind with gaiety the life of formerly men and common women of the region of the North.

With their voices, their accordion and their heart, these girls of the North put a realistic glance on the everyday life.

Discography : 

1996 : Les Belles Lurettes – Texts written in the morning. The music consisted after the lunch. The repetition from 5 to 7 and the concert in the evening. Due to seeing people with their recorder to K7, Belles Lurettes record an album to leave a first track.

1998 : Mais ça va où ? – We find the formula singing + accordion, in couple trained this time of two young women: Martine Delannoy who sings with an attractive well placed voice and Mathilde Braure who accompanies it in the accordion and in the counterpoints.

2000 : Autrement – This album is written after a work of memory on the railroad, the railroad employees, the life of the rail. For the first time, the voices and the accordion leave some room with the guitar, the double bass and the drum kit.

2005 : En Face – Ten years of musical career for this duet Mathilde Braure and Martine Delannoy, the fourth album and always so much pleasure. This time, it is for the French-Belgian border, that they fetched the testimonies which inspired most of the songs of this new album. As for the precedents, Mathilde Braure composed the musics and co-writes texts with Martine Delannoy.

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