Irka Bochenko


Irka is born in Wroclaw, in the south of Poland. When she is 6 years old her parents pass on the West and become established in France. Long before his visit, at the age of three years, Irka already sings all counting rhymes which teaches him his father. During years, music will be the companion of all its trips, Slavonic traditional ballades that croon him his mother and the energy of rock, the blues, the soul, that her brothers make him discover. Mixture being out of place which will reinforce its love for this art. In 14 years, while other girls of his age know agonies of adolescence, Irka crosses the most part in his/her time to throw the first texts on blank sheets, to compose the first melodies, the first songs.

Provided from the cradle with a passport for arts, fashion, comedy, music, Irka is first Top Model in different renowned agencies in Paris, New York, Tokyo Elle lugs around ‘ its little face ‘ all over the world for magazines such as ‘ Sails, Cosmopolitan, Elle… ‘

In Japan, it represents France for miss’s title Youth International.

Actress, her does lessons Florent and becomes the small fiancée of James Bond 007. It also turns in Bilitis, The inspector leads the investigation. Later, it puts in chains television with series: L’été Rouge, La Crime, Les Cordiers… Julie Lescaut where she interprets her own song, Profilage.

Author, compositor, Irka (under the pseudonym of Iren Bo) cheek at the same time with words that she puts in music for artists as Garou, Tina Arena, Patrick Fiori, Mimie Mathy, L5, Julie Zénatti, Jonatan Cerrada, Mireille Mathieu, Fiona Gélin, Séverine Ferrer, Pierre Santini, Michelle Torr, miss Dominique…

Fascinated by music in picture, she writes and composes generic one television for France 2 « Lola qui es tu Lola ».

Interpret, enthralled by a love madness which has never left it, Iren took out in 2010 an album the first extract of which is called « You short a man my son ».

After this real success, it goes on on its throwing and composes for the 50th birthday of Mr Bond the song « Happy Birthday Mr Bond » which she interprets with himself Mr Roger Moore.

A new album in French English as well as in its native language is under way. Album full of nice surprises which will go out at the beginning of 2013.


2012 : Happy Birthday Mr Bond – Mini EP, 3 titles


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